I couldn’t have wished for a better beginning of spring

We sailed through Waterland in the afternoon, docked in the picturesque village of Broek in Waterland, walked around and then sought out our camping spot for the night around sunset. There we put up our tent and made a fire.While the sky slowly turned red, purple and orange, we cooked pasta and gradually put on more and more clothes. Okay, it was only February. We soon got into our sleeping bags and for a few minutes played a card game of which neither of us knew the rules. It got quieter and quieter, and at the same time the birds started making more and more noise. The morning came early, but that was just perfect to capture the sunrise with the drone. And we then had time to sail to Monnickendam, another beautiful place. With our faces a little red because of the the sun and our heads full of new impressions, we got back to Uitdam, where we started only about 24 hours ago. What an experience.